About Me

My Name is Bobby Fausett and I am a Civil/Structural Engineer working in the Houston, TX area. I graduated with my Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Utah State University but I have always had a passion for writing about, debating over, and talking about sports. In high school I was an anchor on a cable sports debate show called All Fired Up. I miss that part of my life and I want to bring it back.

I have created this website in an attempt to not only talk sports, but also to solve some of my pet peeves. First, I’m tired of looking for articles about my favorite teams, only to find two generic paragraphs written by someone who couldn’t care less about MY team. Second, I’m tired of hearing from the same experts who say the same things and have biases for the same teams. Finally, I’m tired of hearing people complain in comment boards that the articles written are not up to their standards. This website seeks to solve all of these issues by opening up our professional editors to anyone and everyone who is willing to write an article. While some writers may require more back and forth between themselves and the editors, we will ensure that every fan that wants to put in the effort, is able to get their point across to the masses. This will solve my first two pet peeves by creating an army of writers from every fan base to provide tons of articles for every team, and provide a ton of voices for each of those teams. My final pet peeve will be solved by giving the ability for those negative commenters to prove they can do better.

Join us by submitting an article to the Publish Your Article tab above and you, too, can become the expert.