No More Tebowing

By Breana Fausett

An SEC commentator. That is where you need to stay Tim Tebow. You were great, fun to look at, knowledgeable of all things SEC, but that wasn’t enough for you was it? Now you continue to make sports news, and not even because of football, but baseball.

It all started when you were drafted by Josh McDaniels and the Denver Broncos. You had an excellent college career, but we didn’t expect you to go first round! You didn’t start right away for the Broncos, but when things really couldn’t get any worse, they stuck you in. Sure, your team got lucky and had a few wins, but you didn’t look like an NFL quarterback. You finished the 2011 season with the lowest passing completion rate in the NFL*. You didn’t really help the Broncos, your team rallied.

Now, instead of continuing your career as a commentator, or becoming an inspirational speaker, you decided to again play a sport you are just “fine” at. Best of luck at baseball Tebow. I’m sure you are a super nice person and no doubt an eligible bachelor, but I’m tired of you making sports headlines for mediocre performances.

*Among qualified quarterbacks according to ESPN Stats which defines qualified QB’s as having at least 14 attempts per team’s games played.