Splitting Snaps

By Bobby Fausett

If Peyton Manning can push the Broncos to the Super Bowl, he should be given the option to quarterback the team next year.  The one and ever so crucial caveat however, is Manning will have to split snaps with Brock Osweiler.   This plan works for two reasons.  One, Manning will be protected from the grind of a full season and be better suited to play when the playoffs roll around.  Two, Brock Osweiler will not be forced to choose between a future with the Broncos and getting his shot to play; he will have both.peyton manning love medium
The plan will be put into effect by switching the quarterback every other game. Manning will play odd weeks while Osweiler plays even weeks or vice versa.  The additional benefit to this grand scheme, is that each quarterback will get two full weeks to scout their opponent.  This will keep both quarterbacks fresh throughout the season, and provide each of them a leg up on their respective competition. Because the non-starting quarterbacks will be preparing for the team two weeks away, Trevor Siemian will be the backup quarterback every week assuming he retains the third string position.
Unless Manning completely falls apart or is not healthy enough to start, Manning takes over the team for the playoff and potentially another Super Bowl run.  Unless Brock Osweiler doesn’t look up to the task to take over the team the following year, he takes over as quarterback of the Broncos for the 2017-18 season.  Neither quarterback will like it which shows you it is a fair arrangement, and both quarterbacks will benefit.  Manning will stay healthier, and Osweiler will get one last season full of Peyton Manning wisdom.  In addition, Osweiler will get to start 8 games and eventually take over as the quarterback of a championship caliber team when the Manning Era is over.  This is opposed to taking the starting gig with a team who is not quite as well built for a Super Bowl or even playoff run.
The Broncos will have a lot of decisions to make if Manning gets them to the Super Bowl and then decides he wants to play another year; here’s providing some out of the box thinking for John Elway and Gary Kubiak to ponder, and who knows, it may just be crazy enough to work.


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